PortingIf you decide to completely convert your existing analog, ISDN or system telephone to IP telephony, you can port your telephone numbers to dus.net. A landline would be theoretically no longer required. Remember, however, is dismissed with porting your phone number, your telephone automatically with your previous provider, which means that the phone line connected to this DSL connection also omitted. The port number can be any of a portable German local network take place within 2-6 weeks, regardless of whether dus.net already holds up numbers from this local network. The duration of a port depends strongly on the processing time of your current provider (outgoing TNB). Ports, for example by Telekom, take about 2-4 weeks according to experience.

Regulatories for number porting


  • the customer must also be the owner of the port phone numbers
  • porting of numbers from a current contract of your current provider is usually not possible, but only after the expiry of the contract period
  • There are no additional costs relating to the numbers from the dus.net
  • it can no specific numbers to be ported from a system connection, but only the complete block
  • In a local exchange network you are no longer entitled to the ported numbers as the required local network reference is no longer given. The numbers must be returned and new numbers are ordered.